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April 8, 2012 @ 1:00 pm —

Particularly since starting at UCCA and before that in the wake of Ai Weiwei’s detention last spring, I’ve done a lot of interviews. Here are links to some of the more interesting.

2012.05.10: A lecture I gave about the UCCA and private museums in China to the fine folks at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

2012.05.07: A long story in the FAZ about the Gu Dexin show at UCCA.

2012.03.01: An interview with Anthony Barzilay Freund of Sotheby’s At Auction on the exciting situation at UCCA.

2012.02.17: A China Daily profile, and a great example of what happens when you give an interview in Chinese for publication in English.

2012.1.05: A long spot on a China Radio International show called, somewhat exotically, “Voices from Other Lands.”

2011.11.25: A chat with the particularly sharp Yan Liang of the intrepid Southern Metropolis Daily.

2011.07.21: An interview about the state of art in China with Philip Adams, of Australian Broadcasting Corporation National Radio’s Late Night Live.

2011.06.21: Sarah Thornton’s Economist account of the post-crisis yet still overheated Chinese art market.

2011.06.19: The “what’s on your bookshelf” interview with esteemed expat rag The Beijinger. (The book in the photo is the Ai-edited “Black Cover Book” of 1994.)

2011.04.25: Austin Ramzy’s account of the Ai Weiwei detention in Time.

2010.05.24: Evan Osnos’s much-loved New Yorker Ai Weiwei profile. (I am actually the “one friend” in the lede who calls the compound “a cross between a monastery and a crime family,” which I now realize is a drastically unparallel formulation.)

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